Every day, I scour the internet in search of plant-based recipes that inspire healthy and flavorful eating. Some websites are culinary goldmines, others, well, less so. I’m excited to refresh my list of top picks and share these culinary gems with you.

I’m not kicking any sites off of last year’s list. But this year I’ve elevated a few (the list is in the order I use them), and added a couple. If you like what you see on a website, search for the recipe-developer on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where typically you can access “how-to” videos of their creations. Many have old-fashioned cookbooks, too.

1. Rainbow Plant Life

rainbow plant life logo

Creator Nisha Vora’s recipes are full of flavor; she’s brilliant at combining herbs and spices, adding the perfect amount of this to that. Her curries are restaurant-worthy.

2. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

It doesn't taste like chicken logo

Sam Turnbull’s videos are a bit much for me, too perky and way too enthusiastic!!!!!! But her recipes are creative, easy-to-follow new takes on old favorites. She’s taught me how to use tofu in ways I’d never imagined; ways to slip into meals I feed omnivores, and they have no idea they’re eating tofu.

3. Cookie & Kate

Cookie + Kate Logo

Cookie is Kate’s dog. Sadly, she passed on to Dog Heaven this year. Kate is a pro at seasonal cooking; her recipes are simple to follow, and focus on what to do with what’s in season. My go-to site for sumptuous salads.

4. Beantown Kitchen

Beantown Kitchen Logo

Diana Goldman is the Queen of Healthy Plant-Based cooking. Everything she cooks up is good for your body and soul. Diana’s uber-athlete husband motivates her to think about how to pack as much nutrition into a recipe as possible — which she’s mastered creatively, never skimping on flavor

5. Post Punk Kitchen

post punk kitchen logo

Isa Moskowitz is, hands down, one of my favorite plant-based chefs. The only reason she’s not #1 on this list is because I own every one of her cookbooks, and tend to rely on those, rather than her website.

6. Jessica in the Kitchen

Jessica in the Kitchen logo

My go-to site when I’m searching for comfort food. With 600+ recipes, Jessica does it all. But what I love best are her casseroles and pot pies.

7. Hetty McKinnon

Hetty loves and respects humble vegetables, which is why I love and respect Hetty. She’s a frequent contributor to The New York Times Cooking, which means many of the recipes she posts here are behind the NYT paywall. And yet. There are enough freebies to keep you busy for a while.

Honorable Mention

I’m bestowing an Honorable Mention on 2022 James Beard Award-Winner, always entertaining, Tik Tok star Alexis Nelson, The Black Forager. Alexis won the James Beard Award for her foodie social media presence. But she doesn’t have a website. (Which makes me feel so old-fashioned).

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