From 30-minute weeknight meals, to gobsmacking dinner party wowzers, these websites will have you covered. In my humble opinion, they’re the Best of the Best.

Warning: Once you get scrolling, you may not be able to stop. (I have the name of a good massage therapist who can help with those tight lower back and neck muscles). Happy hunting!

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Marla’s 11 Favorite Recipe Websites

  1. Rainbow Plant Life: Creator Nisha Vora’s recipes are full of flavor; she’s brilliant at combining herbs and spices, adding the perfect amount of this to that. Her curries are restaurant-worthy.
  2. Minimalist Baker: I avoided this site until I learned it is more than baking (which I do not do). Simple, delicious recipes for everyday cooking.
  3. Cookie and Kate (Cookie is the dog, Kate is her human): Kate is a pro at seasonal cooking; her emails (less frequent these days, because she recently had a baby) often focus on what to do with what’s in season.
  4. Lazy Cat Kitchen: These British cool cats demystify plant-based cooking through an impressive range of recipes (pasta, pierogis, galettes, oh my!) with photos that demonstrate how to do it.
  5. Oh My Veggies: Simple meals for busy days. Nicole’s specialty is one-pot dinners.
  6. Deliciously Ella: Ella has built a plant-based empire in the UK: products, restaurants, cookbooks and a podcast. I appreciate Ella at her simplest, what I think she does best: create mouth-watering recipes simple enough to cook at home.
  7. Pick Up Limes: Everything about this site is beautiful: the star Sadia, her husband, the photography, and the impressive library of how-to videos. The recipes are globally-inspired and inventive. Warning: You can get lost in this site for way too long.
  8. Simple Veganista: Are you gluten-free, sugar-free, oil-free, nut-free, or nightshade-free (a new one for me)? If so, this is the site for you. An impressive search engine allows you to find recipes that are best for your body, spirit, and mind.
  9. The Korean Vegan: I first fell in love with Joanne Molinaro when I landed on a recipe called “Better Than Chipotle Sofritos.” (My husband’s go-to restaurant lunch is Chipotle, where he eats salt-laden sofritos, which we’ve argued about for years. Joanne’s sofritos are healthier). Then I watched her on a Zoom interview, talking about “veganizing Korean food,” her family, women’s body image issues, and her struggles with weight. For me that sealed the deal.
  10. The Guardian: Why can’t New York Times Cooking be as good as The Guardian’s food section? Although the recipes are not 100% plant-based, the British newspaper has bragging rights to some of the world’s great plant-obsessed chefs as regular columnists, among my favorite, Meera Sodha.
  11. Beantown Kitchen: Beantown Kitchen is a go-to resource for workshops, Zoom cooking demos, coaching, catering, recipes, you name it – if it has to do with vegan cooking, Beantown Kitchen’s got you covered. (Note: The gorgeous beet salad & photo were created by Diana Goldman, of Beantown).