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The Greener Plate Challenge | 14 Days to a Healthier Planet and You

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Nourish Yourself, Nourish the Planet

You’re a good person. You’re a compassionate person. You care about saving the environment. You care about your health.
But do you know how your food choices impact the environment? Those meatballs and spaghetti dinners and Cobb salad lunches may be affecting the planet more than you realize. Swapping out an animal-based meal for one that is plant-based — just once a week (or more!) — can significantly reduce your global footprint, and expand your food repertoire. The 14-Day Greener Plate Challenge will help you learn how. Simply, deliciously, and with a community of like-minded eaters.
The Greener Plate Challenge will teach you how to bridge the gap between your concern about the environment and your food choices. Every day for two weeks, we will deliver a single email to your inbox with how-to tips on reducing your environmental food print, short, engaging videos, plant-based recipes, and more.
It’s that simple If you’re someone who eats, from hotshot home cooks to delivery diners, you’ll pick up useful tips on how to cook, order out, and eat more sustainably.

How The Greener Plate Challenge Works

Daily Cooking + Coaching Emails

Informative, fun, engaging, and delicious daily bites, covering everything from eco-friendly recipes to encouragement and environmental awareness tips.

Free Zoom Cooking Class

A live, interactive cooking demo hosted by Diana Goldman of Beantown Kitchen and Good News Veg’s Marla Felcher.


Recipes for every taste profile and level of cooking expertise; nutrition advice; simple plant-based swaps; easily digestible facts and figures on the environmental impact of your food choices.

Community Support

Connect with a community of like-minded, compassionate humans dedicated to making positive changes for the planet – repairing the world, one dinner at a time.


Take the challenge with friends for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate at a plant-based restaurant or $500 toward an environmental NGO of your choice. Learn more when you register.

Your Food’s Environmental Footprint

Did you know?

dairy-products15% of all global greenhouse emissions come from the production of meat, dairy, and eggs

livestockAnimal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined — cars, trucks, planes and trains

waterdropIt takes 460 gallons of water to produce a single quarter-pound hamburger; a burger made of lentils requires only 57 gallons

cowReplacing a single meat-based meal with one that is plant-based can save the same amount of carbon emissions it takes to drive a car across the U.S.

Learning the direct relationship between what I ate and the health of our planet changed my diet. I didn’t give up meat, dairy, and eggs cold turkey, and I don’t expect you to do it, either. But once I decided to give up turkey burgers, chili con carne, and stir-fried chicken, I learned a limitless world of flavorful food was waiting to be discovered. I’m excited to share this Good News with you.

“The truth about the climate crisis is an inconvenient one that means we are going to have to change how we live our lives.”

-Al Gore

About Good News Veg + The Greener Plate Challenge

Good News Veg is a plant-based recipe database and blog created from the experimentation and tastebuds of Marla Felcher. Writer, recipe aggregator, former marketing professor, investigative journalist, political hell-raiser, NGO-founder and tree-hugger, Marla created The Greener Plate Challenge to share all she’s learned about how our values are reflected by what’s on our plate. Her goal is to save the world, one cow, sheep and chicken at a time. Deliciously, and while having fun. (Neither The Greener Plate Challenge nor Good News Veg has any sponsors; she is doing this out of Environmental Love, and there is no charge to participate in the Challenge).

Just the sassy pepper

Together, our small changes can make a huge impact on the environment. Together, we can begin to repair the world.