1. In my Perfect World, humans would eat only plant-based foods. But I’m a realist. My intent is to encourage you to discover new plant-based recipes you love, wherever you are on the omnivore-vegan spectrum.
  2. Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and YouTube are exploding with plant-based recipes and sublime, mouthwatering photos of the finished product. My role as Recipe Explorer and Tester is to share the best of this with you. (I do the trolling, so you don’t have to).
  3. I’m grateful that products made by companies like Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat exist, but I don’t eat them.
  4. People who say “I hate kale” have not tasted these kale chips.
  5. Plant-based cheese that is served on a cheese platter rarely tastes like cheese. It often tastes good, but calling it “cheese” is likely to lead to disappointment. (At least for now. Many folks are working on this).
  6. I’m grateful that restaurants like Slutty Vegan and Plant Pub exist, but junk food is junk food, whether it involves animal products or not. As a treat, yes, as a habit, no.
  7. Miyoko Shinner is a cheese genius.
  8. People who say, “I hate tofu” have not tasted air fryer crispy tofu croutons.
  9. Happiness is a prolific summer garden that produces too many tomatoes.
  10. Eat food. Not too much. Only plants. (Hats off to Michael Pollan).