Throughout the interminable four years that Donald Jessica Trump labored to break America, I did my best to help you (and myself) get through America’s Nightmare, by publishing 105 issues of Good News from the Resistance. Now, I’m back with more Good News –news about my new-found passion, thanks to pandemic-imposed downtime: How to make delicious food. From plants.

The idea germinated with my husband Max: During the early, scariest days of COVID, he decided to go full-out plant-based. I didn’t know what to cook. We’d been vegetarian for decades, but eliminating dairy was a challenge. No more pesto (parmesan), Indian curries (butter), or bean burritos with shredded cheddar. The thought of hosting post-lockdown dinner parties (my favorite social activity), left me somewhere between fearful and despondent. What would I serve? Tofu? No one would come over. Witty conversation and Max’s Cabernet-heavy wine cellar would go only so far.

And then.

I discovered Zoom cooking classes. And on-line social influencers (who tend to be very young, many insufferably annoying, but some really know their way around a recipe). And a slew of creative cookbook writers.

Now, I’m ready to share delicious recipes with you. Recipes that will help you create something new.

Are you hankering to broaden your dinner repertoire (no matter where you fall on the omnivore-vegan spectrum)? Then this is the blog for you. Here’s how it will work:

About twice each month I’ll send you a themed email, e.g., Take the Plunge! Make Soup; Holiday Cooking: Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-Free, WTF???, chock-full (but not overwhelming) of links to recipes I’ve tested, and have become part of my dinner rotation. I’ll reveal my Top 10 Favorite Recipe Websites, urge you to Just Say No! to Cold Turkey, and more…

Take a smidgeon of New York Times Cooking (Oops! Hit a New York Times paywall? You won’t with Good News veg.), add a sliver of Isa Moskowitz’s Post Punk Kitchen, and a pinch of The Cursing Mommy, read My Beliefs, and you’ll get the idea.

I am not a Recipe Creator. I am a Recipe Explorer. I’ve done the sleuthing and testing, so that you don’t need to.

To unsubscribe (which will make me sad, but I get that there is not 100% overlap between interest in politics and food) use the link at the bottom of this email.

Please! Send topic suggestions, ask questions, tell me what you think, leave comments.

It’s good to be back.