Good News from the Resistance: There’s no getting around it – the news this week was horrible. Three hate crimes, back-to-back: Two killed at Kroger for being black, 14 pipe bombs sent to Trump’s critics, 11 killed in a synagogue for being Jewish.

Two of these events hit close to home. I live down the block from Elizabeth Warren, and pass her house on most of my dog walks. (Quick diversion: I don’t like to brag, but I’m pretty sure my dog Becca pees on top of her dog’s pee. Top dog!). Last week there was a Cambridge police detail guarding Warren’s house 24/7, in the days before they captured the MAGA bomber. Seeing that police car for the first time was like a punch to my stomach. Becca and I changed our route.

Then came the synagogue shooting. My husband Max grew up in Squirrel Hill, his childhood steeped in the neighborhood’s strong synagogue culture. We met in Squirrel Hill, fell in love in Squirrel Hill, celebrated our engagement at his parents’ Squirrel Hill synagogue, and forty-one years ago rented our first apartment together in Squirrel Hill, a few blocks from Tree of Life. Squirrel Hill’s Jewish life is baked into my husband’s DNA.

Here’s what we did last Saturday, in the pouring rain, within an hour of learning of the shootings: We zipped up our raincoats, grabbed the sturdiest umbrellas we could find, loaded Becca into the car (she likes taking rides), and drove to the Cambridge Public Library to vote. Never have I pushed down on a black Sharpie quite so hard. Never have I cried while voting.

And yet. I’m going out on a limb here with a prediction: The next issue of Good News from the Resistance is going to be The Most Excellent Good News Ever. We are going to take back our country.

Slowly, slowly, my despair is turning to anger. And I plan to hang on to that anger for another week. Because when I’m angry I act. One week. You don’t like making calls? Then knock on doors. You don’t like knocking on doors? Then make calls. You don’t like doing either? Then make a donation.

Now, here’s the Good News from the Resistance Guide to Maximizing Your Personal Midterm Efforts:

  • Check  out The Last Weekend for volunteer opportunities near you
  • Take a Trip to Flip. You can travel by train, plane or automobile to a district that has a real shot of flipping. (Shout out to my sister Adrienne and Good News reader Leslie, who will be traveling to Virginia to help Abigail Spanberger take a seat from the Tea Party incumbent).
  • Swing Left, and stay left. This group  has been gearing up for this election for two years. They’re ready. They need your help.
  • Read Cook’s Political Report to identify Toss-Up races that need your money. Then search on ActBlue and Donate.
  • Vote.
  • Make a plan to spend Election Night with friends and/or loved ones. Or go out and do something fun. If you’re in Boston, look for me at the Elton John concert. (Which will be fabulous until he sings Rocket Man).

 Sign Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.