Over the last few weeks, home gardeners and farmers across the country have plucked gazillions of ripe tomatoes off their vines. Some are candy-like treats (typically the baby Cherries), others, meh … bland and/or mealy. And yet. There’s no reason to leave any tomato behind.

I’ve scoured and devoured the internet, building this collection of plant-based tomato recipes to ensure you taste every ripe tomato in your bounty. They’re the best of the best.

Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

First, eat the sweet Cherries, raw:

ripe tomato recipe options, creamy vegan tomato soup, panzanella and baked penne ratatouille

Next, transform mediocre tomatoes into the dreamiest, most comforting tomato soup ever (uses a combo of fresh and canned tomatoes; the secret ingredient is coconut milk).


The Tomato Roasting Hack

Then, roast the hell out of any tomato that disappoints you. Slicers, Romas, heirlooms, whatever you have a lot of. Chop ’em, drizzle with olive oil, pump up the oven to 450-degrees, and even the most tasteless tomato will sing.


Deals at Farmers’ Markets:

In September, many farmers are itching to off-load surplus tomatoes. There are deals to be made. This week at your local market, ask for a case discount (typically 10 pounds — or more — if you are a Tomato High-Achiever). A few years ago, I bought 20 pounds of end-of-season tomatoes from Musterfield Farm, for 50-cents a pound. Score!

What to do with all those roasted tomatoes? Freeze, substitute in any recipe that calls for canned tomatoes, and enjoy summery, sun-kissed tomatoes all year long. (Or until you use them up, which for me is around Thanksgiving).

Start with this brilliant, slightly sweet-spicy, slurpy spaghetti sauce, or plant-based food genius Nisha Vora’s Bolognese sauce.

You’ll never go back to canned again. Until you run out. Then head to Trader Joe’s.

And because I like you, and I love poetry, as a special bonus, I’ll end with Ode to Tomatoes, by Pablo Neruda.